Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in this promotion?

To get your Trade-in reward:

  1. Purchase a new qualifying Lenovo product from an authorised Lenovo Dealer by 31st March 2021.
  2. Submit an online claim within 21 days of your purchase date
  3. Wait for your claim form to be approved
  4. Once you have received your approval email, send us your Trade-in devices(s) by following the instructions provided - your Trade-in will need to reach us within 60 days of you receiving your approval email.

When we receive your Trade-in devices, they will be checked by our technicians. So long as they meet the Trade-in criteria, we will validate your claim and send your cashback reward within 14 days of your claim being validated.

For more information about the claim process, visit the How It Works page.

For more information about Trade-in devices, visit the Qualifying Trade In Devices page.

See the full the terms of this promotion.

Can I take part in this promotion?

This promotion is open to business customers and schools. If you have purchased your new Lenovo product for your own personal use, then unfortunately you won't be able to participate in this offer.

How many times can I claim?

You can claim once for each of up to 100 purchases of qualifying Lenovo desktops, workstations or laptops. In addition, you can also claim for up to 100 purchases of qualifying Lenovo monitors. That's up to 200 purchases in total.

For more information about Trade-in devices, visit the Qualifying Trade In Devices page.

My product is not listed as a qualifying product. Is it eligible for the promotion?

You need to have bought one of the eligible Lenovo devices listed on the Qualifying Products to take part in this promotion.

How do I prepare my proof of purchase to upload during the claim process?

Physical Copy/In Store Purchase:

If you have a scanner, scan your proof of purchase and save to your computer ready to upload.

If you do not have a scanner, take a picture with your mobile phone, digital camera or tablet. To transfer this document to your computer you can simply send it via email or transfer via USB. If you are claiming on your tablet, upload the image from your tablet’s photo library.

Digital Copy/Online Purchases:

Print and Scan as detailed under physical copy/ in store purchase

Save your proof of purchase to your computer ready to upload

Take a screenshot of the proof of purchase and save as PDF or JPEG to your computer. To save your proof of purchase as a JPEG, simply paste the screenshot you have taken into Microsoft Paint and save this document to your computer as a JPEG.

If claiming from a tablet, take a screenshot of the proof of purchase and upload to the claim form from your photo library.

General Requirements for documents uploaded:

When scanning or taking a picture please ensure all the required details are clearly visible. Blurred or unclear proof of purchase may invalidate your claim.

Uploaded documents must be in PDF document or JPEG image format. Maximum size of each document is 10Mb.

If required you can upload multiple documents, simply select the files one at the time and click upload during the claim process.

Why can't I select my purchase date?

This is likely to be for one of the following reasons:

  • You missed the claim window for this promotion (you must submit your claim within 21 days of making your purchase)
  • You made your purchase outside the promotional period (between 1st July 2020 and 31st March 2021)

For more information about the claim period, see the terms of this promotion. For your purchase date, see your proof of purchase.

How do I upload my proof of purchase?

Prepare your documents for upload and then during the claim process follow these steps:

To upload the document(s) select ‘Choose File’, then locate the file that you want to upload and click ‘Open’. The name of the document selected will be displayed on the web page, check this is the correct document then select ‘Upload’.

If you need to add more documents repeat this process. The documents will be listed as you add them. If the wrong document was selected simply remove them by using the delete button (indicated by the Bin icon). Once all documents are loaded select next.

What payment details will I need to provide during the online claiming process?

You will need to provide the following details:

  • Account Holders Name
  • Account Number
  • Sort Code

I have just submitted a claim. What happens next?

Your claim will be checked by one of our agents. So long as we have all the necessary information, we will send you an approval email with instructions about how to send your devices for Trade-in.

I have submitted a claim but I haven't received any further updates. What should I do?

We will send updates to the email address you provided when filling out your claim form. If you haven't received them, make sure you check your junk or spam email folder. Alternatively, you can use the claim tracker on this website.

I have received a missing information email. What does this mean and what do I have to provide?

This means your submission is currently on hold because we don't have sufficient information to process your claim.

Common reasons you might receive a "missing information" email are:

  • We were unable to read your proof of purchase
  • Your proof of purchase was missing key information like the price paid, product(s) purchased or the retailer name
  • The file you uploaded could not be accepted as proof of purchase
  • We might need additional documents to support your claim (e.g. if you supplied an order confirmation, we might ask you to provide a delivery note or invoice)
  • The serial number you entered on your claim was invalid
  • We might require the bank details for the school or company that purchased the qualifying products

How do I send my Trade-in items?

Trading in your items is easy! We’ll send you instructions on how to do this by email upon successful approval of your claim.

Before you send us your items, you’ll need to pack them. We have lots of handy tips on how to pack your items as securely as possible so they can make the journey to us safely. To see these, simply select How do I pack my items? Below.

When packing your items, you’ll also need to include your unique barcode(s). We’ll send these to you via email. Make sure you print these out and include them inside each parcel with your Trade-in items. Without them, we won’t be able to identify your claim and there may be delays in processing your reward.

Why have you provided me with a barcodes?

So we can identify your Trade-in items when you send them to us, we will provide you with a set of barcodes via email. You’ll need to print these off and include them in the parcel with your Trade-in items when you pack them. Your barcodes will allow us to easily match your items with your claim. Without them, we may not be able to process your Trade-ins and validate your claim.

How do I use my free DHL courier service?

To make trading in your items as easy as possible, we have provided you with a free DHL courier service. All you need to do is book a collection slot on the DHL website and a courier will collect your item(s) right from your front door.

Before you can book your slot, pack your trade-in items securely. Do this first, as you will need to enter the dimensions and weight of your parcel(s) during the booking process. For help with packing your items and preparing your parcels, see How do I pack my trade-in items in this page.

When you’re ready, you can book your collection slot using the DHL portal. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Visit the booking site

When you’re ready, visit the DHL booking portal to get started. You will find the link in your approval email.

Step 2 – Check details

On the booking portal, you should see the details you entered when you submitted your claim on our website. Check to make sure these are correct and confirm your email address.

Step 3 – Add parcels

Now add your parcel details. If you’d like to add more than one parcel, select add parcel.

Please ensure these details are correct. Any incorrect details may result in delays collecting your items.

If the total weight of your packages exceeds 60 kg, please make sure you call DHL to advise that this is a heavy collection. You’ll need to do this within 24 hours of booking your slot. Please note, DHL can only provide collection slots between a 9am and 5pm.

Step 4 – Collection times

Select your preferred date and time for collection.

Step 5 – Review details

Click Download label as PDF to save your collection labels and then print. Attach the Shipping Label to the outside of your parcel and keep the Courier Copy to hand to the DHL courier on pickup.

Step 6 – Print labels

Click Download label as PDF to save your collection labels and then print. Attach the Shipping Label to the outside of your parcel and keep the Courier Copy to hand to the DHL courier on pickup.

Step 7 – Confirmation

Upon completion of your booking, you will receive a confirmation email from DHL confirming your collection time and containing your waybill number.

How should I pack my Trade-in items?

So your Trade-in items reach us safely, please pack your items as securely as possible. We recommend you do the following:

  • Pack your items securely in an undamaged box or container that is sufficiently strong and durable.
  • Use high quality wrapping and cushioning/filler materials to avoid contents getting loose, becoming damaged or activating accidentally.
  • Always remove old labels and stickers when reusing boxes to avoid confusion during delivery.
  • Protect edges and sharp points with heavy, well-secured edge protection

If you have been provided with a DHL free collection, when preparing your parcel(s), we ask that you please ensure the following. This will help us process your Trade-in items quickly and will prevent any delays in getting your reward to you.

  • The Barcode(s) sent to you via email are printed & included inside your parcels. We need these to identify your Trade-in items with your claim and validate your reward.
  • You send no more than 2 packages per waybill number. You’ll be given a waybill number for each DHL courier collection appointment you book.
  • Each parcel includes no more than 2 items in total.
  • If you are sending any loose laptop batteries, these should be considered separate items. i.e. a parcel containing batteries should hold no more than 1 device and 1 loose battery or 2 loose batteries.
  • If you are sending laptop batteries, please send no more than a total of 4 (including those contained within laptops) per waybill. These must be split between 2 parcels.
  • Batteries sent inside devices should not exceed 100 Watt Hours.

I have missed the timeframe to send my Trade-in device. Can I still send it in?

We must receive your Trade-in device within within 60 days of you receiving your approval email - this is the email with instructions on how to send us your Trade-in device. If we don't receive your Trade-in within this timeframe, unfortunately, you won't be able to claim.

I have sent in my Trade-in device, but I have not received any further updates. What do I do now?

It can take up to 21 days from the date we receive your Trade-in device for us to complete the final test reports needed to fully process your claim. As soon as we’ve finished testing, we’ll notify you by email with the results and update you on the status of your reward.

I have received a revaluation email. What should I do?

Claims may be revalued if your Trade-in item did not meet the Terms and Conditions of the promotion; in this case we send you an email advising of the revaluation.

If you do not agree with the revaluation please contact our customer service team within the timeframe specified in the revaluation email. We will then review your claim and give you a final decision.

How long will it take to receive my reward?

You will receive your cashback reward within 14 days of your claim being validated; your claim will be validated once we have completed testing your Trade-in devices. Your cashback reward will then be transferred into the bank account you provided when completing your claim form.

Why have I not received my reward?

If you have received an email to confirm approval of reward, please check the following:

  • Refer to the Terms and Conditions of the promotion for reward timeframes
  • Check your bank statements for the reward amount that you are expecting
  • If you are still unable to locate your payment please contact our Team

How is tradeing in my laptop contributing to a sustainable future?

By trading-in and recycling your devices, you are supporting the transition to a more circular economy. In a circular economy, products are made, used, then returned and reused, instead of being discarded and consigned to landfill. This is much better for our environment, creating less waste. Your trade-in devices could be refurbished and reused, or its parts could be used to repair devices that are still in use. Recycled materials could even be used to build a whole new machine.

Using recycled materials is also much more energy efficient, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

What is carbon offsetting?

A carbon offset is a way to compensate for your emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere. Our everyday actions, at home and at work, consume energy and produce carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting is used to balance out these emissions by helping to pay for emission savings in other parts of the world. For each successful claim that we receive, we will help to offset carbon emissions by planting one tree in the UK.

How will trading in my laptop help offest my carbon footprint?

In partnership with, we will plant a tree for each trade-in device we receive and offset at least one tonne of CO2 emissions in the Amazon Rainforest. Trees are vital for our planet. They provide soil stabilization, a home to wildlife, not to mention the oxygen we breathe. They also store carbon, making them essential in the campaign against climate change.

By taking part in this promotion, you are actively helping in the fightback against deforestation.

But that’s not all we’re doing to protect our trees. Our technology is at the forefront of efforts to combat deforestation. Find out more.

What happens to the data on my Trade-in device?

We know that data protection is important to our customers. The secure and GDPR compliant disposal of your unwanted devices is fundamental to our trade-in programme. We use industry-leading software, Blancco, to wipe all trade-in units before recycling. We will also supply a certificate to prove that your data has been erased. Recycle with peace of mind, knowing your personal information will remain safe.

How do I request a copy of the Blancco Certificate?

Our Team will be happy to provide you with a copy of the Blancco certificate for your records. Please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

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