Qualifying Trade In Devices

All laptops, workstations, desktops and monitors are eligible for Trade-in, so long as they are in good working condition.

If you have purchased a Qualifying Lenovo laptop, workstation or desktop, you can Trade-in any device of the same type. If you have purchased a new Lenovo Monitor, you can Trade-in either your old monitor, laptop, workstation or desktop - whichever you prefer!

Please refer to the below table.

Category of Qualifying Product PurchasedEligible Trade-In Device Category
DesktopDesktop, laptop, workstation
MonitorDesktop, laptop, workstation or monitor

Any device you send must meet the following criteria to be eligible for Trade-in:

  • Any device sent must have been manufactured after 1st January 2010
  • Any device sent must be in full working order and undamaged (reasonable wear and tear is acceptable)
  • If the device is a laptop, it must have a minimum screen size of 12” and be sent with its charging cable, battery (which allows the device to run under its own power for a minimum of 15 minutes) and any other accessories needed to power on the device. It should also be running a legitimate copy of either Windows or MacOS.

Full instructions for trading in your items will be supplied via email on provisional approval of your claim. Please ensure you follow these and that you include the barcodes provided with your trade-in devices. Should these be missing, we may not be able to identify your Trade-in units and will be unable to process your claim.

Trade-in device(s) must be received within 60 days from approval of your claim. The Trade-in value will be confirmed once your devices have been received and tested.

Please view the Terms and Conditions of the promotion for additional detail on this offer.

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